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Delivery of Clean Pine/Poplar Firewood



Rocky Mountain House AB
Clean Pine/Poplar Firewood Delivery !

RB's WOOD PROCESSING is owned and operated by Ray Roberts & we will deliver split pine/poplar firewood to you complete with a rental shed to store it.

OUR SHED IS OPTIONAL FOR RENT ($250 deposit on first delivery) & we will continue to refill it with further loads ...Upon duration of your wood load deliveries, we will refund your deposit on the shed if it is in satisfactory condition ...The shed will help to keep your wood neatly in pile & out of the rain.
* Dry Pine 1Cord $225.
* Dry Poplar 1Cord $200.
* Dry Mixed 1Cord $215.

OUR FIREWOOD is clean, cut, split & ready for your fire stove ...We deliver $2. per loaded klm ...We can deliver 2 & 1/4 loads to you with our truck and trailer ...Our truck will carry 1Cord delivery alone ...Please call us for further questions on deliveries ...We will also bring scheduled loads upon your request.