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ARE YOUR LEWIS CATTLE OILERS UP AND RUNNING? Jim Potter is making his rounds to do sales, maintenance, and parts replacement on Lewis Cattle Oilers in central Alberta. Don’t wait to book in!

YOU CAN LOSE between 17% and 40% of daily gain on yearlings without management of mosquitoes and flies. Lewis Cattle Oilers can reduce mosquito problems by 80%.

GAINS OF 30 TO 60 LBS MORE PER CALF when they are not bothered by horn flies.

IN ADDITION to hide damage and loss of production, ticks also cause anemia and weakness which leads to greater mortalities. Ticks also spread diseases like babesiosis and anaplasmosis.

“Face flies are a very important factor in the spread of the disease within a herd. Flies pick up and spread the organism on their legs while feeding on the area around the eyes. The interaction of risk factors such as higher daily environmental temperatures and fly pressure tend to make cattle congregate into tighter spaces, allowing for easier transmission of offending organisms,” states Russ Daly in his article Pinkeye Infectious Bovine Keratoconjuctivitis.

THE PROTECTION PROVIDED BY LEWIS CATTLE OILERS in your summer pasture can reduce the cost and stress of treating eye disorders and increase summer weight gains.

CALL OR TEXT JIM POTTER AT - 780-983-4152 to arrange sales, service, insecticide, and parts to your door. Jim is serving all communities in central Alberta.