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AUTHOR: Sherry Sikstrom
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SHERRY SIKSTROM, Author of books and poetry ...Names of 2 of her books published are called:
* Telling Tales
* Tails, Trails & Campfire Stories
* Cowgirl Logic - It's not just about the horses
* Why Mother Earth and Father Sky - A children's book
* What's in Your Kit - A beginner's farm first Aid
Sherry Sikstrom pens new book of stories, poems and thoughts about rural Alberta, Canada.

ONOWAY, Alberta – After writing her first book, Telling Tails, author Sherry Sikstrom wanted to share more stories from her wonderful life in Alberta. In doing so, she now pens her newest book of stories, poems and feelings with Tails Trails and Campfire Stories: Photographs, Poetry and Musings of an Alberta Farm Girl (published by Trafford Publishing).

“In a society that has become jaded, lost is the feeling of down home country or small town friendships along with the sense of fellowship,” says Sikstrom. “I believe this book reminds us of a simpler time, when neighbors were friends and supported one another. So much violence in popular media leaves us
searching for solace and a more gentle and kind world.”

FERN VALLEY FARMS IS LOCATED in prime ranch country one hour NW of Edmonton in the County of Lac Ste. Anne ... This farm is a working cattle ranch and horse breeding facility.

FERN VALLEY APPALOOSAS have long been recognized for their:
* Color
* Conformation
* Temperament