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Haynes/Clive AB
Lamb, Beef, Pork, Bison, Veal, Elk, Goat

HOWDY PARTNERS, Central Alberta’s fastest mobile butcher is looking forward too your business. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff are happy to take your bookings today. We do all types of critters (except poultry) quick, clean and cut to your specifications in our licensed facility. Visit our website at for an easy to read version of our price list, and for contact details.

Since our early days, we’ve grown exponentially—it turns out, a lot of other people share our passion for delicious home grown Alberta raised Beef. Expansion brought tools, equipment and expertise to the cutting floor.

In Jan 2021, we applied to the county of Lacombe for a livestock handling barn and kill floor... it got approved!!! That's right, we're proud to announce that our Haynes location will soon be operating as a provincially inspected abattoir. We are still working out a few details with CFIA but all looks good. We will, and still do continue to serve you with our on farm services. We love what we do—and it shows!

ALTA MEAT LTD is dedicated to quality and has successfully maintained a Meat Facility License since our humble beginnings in February of 2020. Although we deal primarily in Custom Uninspected Meat, we are an Inspected Facility. This means the Inspectors come to our facility regularly and ensure we are cutting meat, not corners. We care a lot about the details here, and we’re happy to take care of those details for our clients. We can always assist you in selecting the right cuts of meat to suit your specific needs.

OUR STAFF ARE The KEY to our success, as is our people. We have an unparalleled, highly experienced team that we couldn’t be prouder to consider our AltaMeat. Our skilled butchers and packers focus on safety, quality, and efficiency. We ensure our team is provided with the best tools and safety supplies available.