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Rocky Mountain's Heavy Hauling & Logging Service




VSTAR ENTERPRISES LTD, utilizes an extensive collection of equipment which allows the company to provide a variety of services to the logging, oilfield, private, construction and demolition industries.
PRIVATE SECTOR SERVICES INCLUDE: dugouts, fish ponds, clearing vegetation for utility right-of-ways, roadside clearing, clearing fence lines, maintaining right-of-way for roads, highways, power lines and other utilities.

Over the past 20 years Vstar Enterprises Ltd. has demonstrated the ability to adapt. The business continues to expand and grow. Despite the fluctuating economy, which continues to have a direct and indirect impact on our industry our company continues to thrive.

The Alberta Government and Alberta's forest products' sector are working together to contribute to the economic and environmental prosperity of Alberta and our forests.

Vstar Enterprises Ltd. is dedicated to developing, coordinating and implementing strategies that will help to reduce the risk of injury or illness on our job sites.

Vstar Enterprise Ltd. for 20 years ...Long term residence of Rocky Mountain House, and Clearwater county ...The company started as a logging company and has adjusted to allow for growth and accommodations to other industries including; oilfield, construction, reclamation, demolition ...Dedicated to providing a safe and reliable work site for their employees, contractors, and sub contractors, while providing best service possible to their customers.