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RYCOB MEDIA, Red Deer AB, 403-350-6305
Started in 2018 by Co-Founders Ryan O’Donoghue and Jacob McGregor. Rycob Media brings the the best of both founders forward.

OFFERING WEB DEVELOPMENT AND SOCIAL MEDIA SERVICES to Businesses across Alberta, Canada, and even the World. We are your all-in-one online presence shop.

WE DO THINGS DIFFERENTLY. TOO LONG, the Web Development and Social Media Companies have all been the same ...You pay a set amount for a specific service.

AT RYCOB MEDIA, we aim to change that. With our unique “Media Menu” you choose the services you want, at the price you want.

OUR SERVICES INCLUDE: (see website link at top of page www.rycob.com)
* Social Media​​
Setting up, maintaining, and teaching how to get found

Helping your website get found easier by the people who need it

Proven paid advertising campaigns that get results

* Strategy​​
Strategizing how to bring you into the online world today

* Web Design​
Building a website you and your customers will love

* Knowledge Base
Building a free base for learning about everything online

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