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AT RUBBERIZED.CA, we make every job a stress free experience for all our customers, we only take on what we can complete, and have a great relationship every step of the way. We are confident in the quality of our services, and we want you to be too! To ensure customer satisfaction, we offer a 20 year warranty on all of our services, from flat roof repair to flat roof installation to asphalt surfaces to grain bin sealing.

Why Hot Rubberized Sealant? Well there are many reasons. Hot Rubberized sealant will:
Stick to nearly any materials
Save money by sealing out or in moisture.
Protects product by resisting insects and rodents.
Seals air leaks in grain dryers saving time, fuel, and product freshness.
Expand and contract far greater than any other sealing products available.
Be more natural of a product than other sealing agents.
If needed can be securely repaired.
Last at least ten years.
Not develop cracks in time.
Not develop holes in time.
Reduce mold and mildew.
Protect product freshness.
Prolong product storage time.
Help product retain nutrients.
Form a one piece protective layer.
Remain flexible in any weather.

Traditionally flat roofs used a tar and gravel based surface which, as long as there was no pooling of water, was sufficient to stop water penetration. However, these surfaces would tend to fail due to climate change, as cracking would occur. We are committed to solving roof issues in Alberta. If you require flat roofing services (or any of our other services), be sure to get in touch! There is no roofing problem too big or too small for us.

At Rubberized, we cover all you asphalt needs from seal coating to pot holes, patching and crack sealer we cover all your maintenance needs. Sealcoating protects your asphalt investments, from deterioration and is key to keeping an attractive looking parking lot or driveway. It’s the best and most cost-efficient way to avoid expensive repairs due to water damage, UV damage, and pavement failures.

RUBBERIZED CRACK SEALER is the best product to protect your asphalt and here’s why:
When water gets into cracks in the asphalt, it can erode the foundation.
When water freezes and thaws it forms potholes.
When cracks in the asphalt get big enough, dirt can collect and allow weeds to grow.

OUR FAMILY OWNED, Calgary Company is committed to high-quality and customer satisfaction. With ample education and experience under our belts, there is no sealant problem we can’t solve. Get in touch with us today. George: 403-889-1919 - Rod: 403-918-3203.