pipeline, rock shield, erosion barriers, pillows, seal-in protection, joint coating

Pipeline Polyurethane Foam Applications



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We insulate anything to prevent dust, water, heat or cold loss.

Oilfield - Residential - Commercial - Industrial - Trailer - Pipeline - Agricultural ...much more.
Field Joint Coatings (weld joints), Rock Shield, Erosion barriers, Pillows, Pre Formed half shell.
(anywhere seal-in protection is needed)

WE ARE A OWNER OPERATED COMPANY that specializes in polyurethane foam applications ...Our area of most extensive work is in the oilfield industry with extensive work on pipelines ...We have worked on a multitude of projects over the years ranging from 2" fuel gas lines to 60" hydro lines ...Our technicians have extensive knowledge and certification in applying all types of shrink sleeves injecting weld joints, spraying breakers / erosion barriers, rock shield and support pillows ...The versatility of our product enables us to meet the needs and specifications of our customers in a variety of applications.

WE HAVE 4X4 FOAM UNITS available to moblilize your project ...Our equipment is right-of-way ready, equipped with the latest technology for spray foam applications ...For areas that cannot be traversed by trucks, the units can be quickly be transferred onto nodwell trailers or skid sloops ...For insulated lines that require sandblasting, Ram River has a mobile unit to facilitate your needs.

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POLYURETHANE FOAM IS WITHOUT DOUBT one of the most economical ways to protect your:
1. Pipe in rocky conditions.
2. Erosion Barriers into ditches to support and keep ditch lines and hill sides in place.
3. Canusa-CPS Insul-8 HT Field System (a total weld joint system for pipelines that need to operate up to 150 degrees celsius).
4. Hot bends, Risers & Spool pieces (can be done in the field) Pre-formed pipe shell is built at our facility - Half shells are built for 2' to 12' pipe.
5. Field Joint coating systems for pipeline coating with polyurethane insulation, includes corrosion barrier, insulation & outer jacket.
6. Cargo - Stock Holiday Trailers, Cube Vans, Quonsets & Metal Shops.
7. Water tanks, Grain bins, Water troughs.
8. Save 30%-50% on residential foam insulation sealing cracks, gaps & voids in walls & ceilings - (noise insulation)
9. Many More places that need to be protected from dust, water, heat/cold loss.

POLYURETHANE FOAM Does Not Settle, Sag or Shrink once sprayed into walls and joist ends, giving you the same effective insulation 20 to 40 years from now ...With no drafts in your home, it will stay cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter ...Soya spray insulation reduces moisture intrusion acting like a vapor barrier for your home ...Polarfoam self-adheres the substrate making your building much stronger ...Due to the fast installation process, your construction costs decrease while your energy efficiency will increase.

WE ARE COMMITTED TO ensuring the safety of our employees, customers, and the environment ...COR Certified and clients of PICS and ISN.