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Galvanized/Cold Augered Screw Piles



START OFF ON A SOLID FOUNDATION ... Engineered and Approved Steel Screw Piles
Galvanized and Cold Steel Augered Pilings.

* Cabin lifting and leveling
* Foundation lifting and leveling
* Grade beam, footing slab, expansions & deck tie-ins
* Sunrooms & solariums
* Signage & billboards, light standards, retaining walls
* Wind, solar & communication towers
* Complete installation of new construction, residential, recreational, commercial, & farm foundation screw piles
* Grain & fertilizer bin storage foundations

GALVANIZED/COLD AUGERED SCREW PILES ... We do installation of galvanized and cold
augered screw piles for home construction, new and renovation, decks of all kinds, commercial
industrial, farm and recreation THESE SCREW PILES replace the use of conventional cement
piles with the ease of installation, cutting out several steps, and tying in easily to footings, grade
beams or stand alone supports.

OUR EQUIPMENT consists of small 1.5 ton track hoes which can access very tight and sensitive
work areas to 5 ton and 20 ton track hoes which will handle virtually any job required.

THESE PILES are engineered, tested and stamped ... They are installed to specific pressures and
are installed to any depth required.

THE GALVANIZED/COLD STEEL PILES come in various lengths of 3' to 10' as well as engineered
and design piles, to go to great depths of various sizes, to hold very large loads of over 100,000 lbs
and more ... If required to obtain proper pressure, extensions are added as they are augered in.