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Corazon Chocolates Incorporating The Zest of Latin American Flavours



CORAZON CHOCOLATES by Sandy Suazo - Red Deer AB

Incorporating the zest and tropical flair of Latin American flavors through high end confections to satisfy anyone's sweet tooth.

I DISCOVERED MY AFFINITY for chocolate at a young age. Growing up in the developing country of Chile, it was the simple things that meant the most; starting with my grandmothers confections ...Having a Hispanic residency with a European background, my grandparents passed on to me a diverse pallet with a passion for all things decadent and chocolaty ...I found myself saving up everything I could to take as many chocolatier courses as possible as a young adult which is when I discovered my passion and talent ...Moving from a country with such a dramatically different climate, culture an environment has inspired me to bring some of it with me and create a tantalizing flavor experience in order to do so.
My chocolate confections are guaranteed to give you a peak into the zest and tropical flair of the taste of South America, as well as satisfy anyone's sweet tooth.

PARTNERING WITH BRAD CHURCHILL, a top of line Chocolate maker based out of Calgary (and one of the only three chocolate manufacturers in Canada) has been an honor as well as a way to incorporate yet another Latin American element into my product seeing as though Choklat cocoa beans all come from Venezuela, Brazil and Colombia

I COULD NOT BE MORE PROUD to use such a high end product for my confections and to represent Hispanic heritage all at once. The adoration and sentiment put into each piece of chocolate will present itself to you in the form of intense flavors that will daze your pallet and leave you wanting more.