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Owner/Operator: Les Billett
5 - 7887 - 49th Ave- Red Deer Alberta
CALL; 587-877-5859 - Fax 403-358-3678
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Privately Owned Company for Over 20 Years of Experience !

Concrete Resurfacing & Custom Design - We are the leaders in Concrete ...Resurfacing ...We take old, cracked and pitted concrete and repair, waterproof, and give new life to any concrete surface!

"WE ENHANCE AND RESTORE YOUR CONCRETE FLOOR" Our grinding and polishing systems allow your concrete slab to become beautiful and impenetrable, with the funtionality that an untreated floor will never have ...We diamond grid and polish your floor from 30 to 3000 grit to give your floor a brilliant shine

We can color & harden your concrete which will prevent any more pitting and cracking ...Our color system penetrates the concrete to allow consistent and non-fading color but will still allow you to see your polished concrete design ...This is very low maintenance with no need to re-sealing or adding another top coat.

As well oil, salt, coolant etc, will not harm this floor because we polish our designed floor to such a high grit ...We close the concrete pours which prevent any further penetration, perfect
for high traffic and constantly wet areas.

CONCRETE & CRACK REPAIRS ...We love to provide our customers the best outcome all the time ...Our number one goal is to make sure that our customer is happy with the service we provide ...We repair cracks to all types of concrete ...We specialize in grinding and crack repair but also polish and seal stamped in all types of placement - drivesways, walkways, patios, pool decks, foundation walls, curbing and warehouse floors.

WE ARE SURE that you will happy to work with us !

CONCRETE CRACK INJECTION has been the accepted method for these types of repairs for many years in the Midwest ...The technique is being adopted by an increasing amount of
nationwide foundation repair contractors because it is cost-effective, reliable, and permanent.

Materials with differing viscosities are manufactured to ensure that contractors can offer homeowners an effective repair for only hundreds of dollars as opposed to thousands of dollars
on more extensive structural solutions.

Epoxy and polyurethane-based injection materials are effectively used for concrete crack injection repair and waterproofing of basement leaks ...Supporting materials such as dispensing equipment surface ports, corner ports, grout injection packers, and assorted essential tools aid efficient injection for fast-reacting dual component polymers.

AVOID SUPERFICIAL REPAIRS ...Caulk is superficial & will allow water to continue seeping behind the patch material, resulting in efflorescence, and eventually the caulk will peel off exposing an enlarged crack ...Hydraulic cement does not bond well, also leading to efflorescence

Eventually the water seepage will dislodge the cement plug waterproofing and foundation reair specialists insist they have nearly a 100 percent success rate for crack repair work ...Most contractors offer lifetime warranties for the injection repairs because they are confident in the product quality and the training received from the chosen manufacturer

It is possible for a concrete contrator to perform multiple concrete repairs per day ...The cost and minimal investment result in a profitable bottom line due to the manufacturers dedication to improving the materials and techiques offered Injection products create a win-win situation for the contractors, homeowners, and business owners

Contractors can reliably fix an inconvenience, while saving their residential & commercial consumers thousands of dollars for more extensive repair work and avoiding the inconvenience
of excavation.

OVER 95% OF BASEMENT CONCRETE CRACKS are not a structural threat to the foundation, basement, walls, or floor ...Most wall cracks only pose a water seepage problem ...Leaks are not only inconvenient but the continued moisture can decrease the indoor air quality due to hidden mold, mildew, and fungus concerns ...Ignoring leaking water can result in time-consuming clean-up efforts & continual expenses.

WE CAN DO ANY DESIGN YOU CAN IMAGINE ...We can do any color of choice !

Owner/Operator: Les Billett
5 - 7887 - 49th Ave- Red Deer Alberta
Off: 587-877-5859 - Fax 403-358-3678
Mon-Fri (8am-5pm) . Sat (9am-5pm)