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Advertising E-FLYERS 
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Advertising E-FLYERS provide an Advertising & Referral Service, where 'Your Business Information is Recorded & Posted Direct to Readers throughout the Social Media's & in other effective marketings ...Colorful & Informative E-Flyer's catch the attention of Reader's ...These E-Flyer's are posted from time to time throughout an entire year, to remind Reader's of your provided services, contact info's & availabilities.

SIMPLY GIVE US YOUR PERMISSION to circulate your business description out into the mainstream ...There is little or no work in this for you ...We design, edit and collect your descriptions through any of your social medias, websites & various other advertisments that you many have provided out towards the public ...We pull it all together  ...You will also be found on the search engine pages, an online business directory & our referral's list for individual's when they call for referral's on your line of services ...We even take calls from customers to contact you, if you were busy at their time of call.

WE ARE AN ANNUAL 12 MONTH ACTING SERVICE ...$364.87 one-time annual payment - Updates Unlimited ...See a collection of E-Flyers in this ad ...Visa, Master Card, Cheque, E-Transfer accepted.

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office 403-986-6436
cell/text 403-392-5502