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ProArgi-9 PLUS

Good Health is Impossible Without a Strong Health

* Supports cardiovascular health
* Enhances blood flow
* Combats cardiovascular aging
* Maintains healthy blood sugars
* Supports healthy sexual performance
* Aids in faster recovery after workouts and strength training
* Enhances athletic performance by boosting lean muscle mass
* And so much more


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ON DEC 17, 2004...II went to the doctor for a check-up, and everything was good just for a cholesterol was a little high, but not bad.
We were going to watch it over the next two years   ...  On Jan 27, 2005, I was on my way to the UFA Hospital with chest pain (starting
to have a heart attack).  ...  They took a camera, and had a look in my heart, to find that I was 100% blocked in my main artery(the widow
maker) as they call it  ...  So they prepped me for a triple by-pass  ...  One week in hospital and a had full of pills (5 of them, and off I go).
They put me on those statin drugs that made things hard to comb my hair, lift my arms and walk  ...  Blood pressure pills skipped a beat
in my heart, and over all, I wasn't feeling and doing so good.

ON FEB 12 2010 I was introduced to Synergy (ProArgi-9 Plus and in the first 5 days with my pill, my blood pressure went down and started
feeling good  ...  For 3 months of watching my blood pressure, I started reducing my pills and then with the Doc, I quit taking them and a
few others  ...  It took me about a year before I quit the pills totally  ...  As of today, I feel like I am 30 years younger, and my heart is great.

I WILL NEVER get off ProArgi-9 Plus (by chose, for what it has done for me  ...  I think everyone should try it, just as a preventive measure
from having heart attacks or strokes, as stated from the Doctors.
ADRIAN (wellness)

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