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  MY NAME IS BRANDY RIMNEY ...The Founder of The #Lifewithaction Team  ...When I set out on this journey, my intention was to help myself, but along the way, I found my passion motivated others to get excited about their own goals  ...I have set out to live my lifwe with action and help others take action too!  ...Live in Graditude - Embrace Change - Take Action Daily !                    

  My road to success has been a long one, along the way there were failures  ...Failed marriage, failed finances, failed diets & failed happiness  ...After several years of struggle, I finally found happiness in most parts of my life, but I was still overweight, unhappy with my size and physically unfit  ...When  a friend suggested ISAGENIX, I was apprehensive, worried about what my husband would think and whether this was just another fad diet  ...Regardless, I started anyway, because I did not want my friend to get shkinny without me  ...I did not tell my husband when I placed my first order, as I did not want another lecture on how I was going to waste money on some get slim quick thing and something I would never stict to  ...My plan was good until the weekend, when I relized that I would have to take it home if I was going to follow the system 7 days a week and not 5 days a week.

  ...It went over much better than I thought  ...I just laid it out on the table and asked for his support and did not want a comment from the peanut gallary  ...Now my journey began  ...Over the next 18 months, there were some ups and downs (literally) but I kept my eye on the prize  ...In 18 months I was able to release 101lbs and it felt amazing !


KAYLEY ...ISAGENIX 'START' Member ...Before using ISAGENIX, I was tired and slept all the time.
NOW - I am concentrating on my athletic preformance and shaping my body.
'START' IS A PROGRAM for people 18-35 years of age with the intention to build relationships and financial freedom  ...To learn more about the START Program, click here

KENNETH ...ISAGENIX Product User  ...Before using ISAGENIX, I was mid forties and feeling old, worried about whether I would enjoy life.
NOW - After incorporating ISAGENIX into my life, and exercising regularly, I have dropped several inches off my waist  ...I have more energy and I look forward to a healthy future with my grandkids  ...My favorite ISAGENIX Product is AMPED HYDRATE ORANGE.

JUDY ...ISAGENIX Associate  ...I am 40 years old and a single mother and work in the health care industry  ...When I started ISAGENIX, my goal was to release weight so would become more  active with less aches and pains  ...I purchased the 30 day weight loss system pak and committed 100% to seeing what my results could be  ...I released 27lbs and 34 inches total and hadnèt felt this great in years  ...I had increased energy and had increased my quality of sleep.
NOW - I have mental clarity, energy and live each day to its fullest ...My favorite ISAGENIX Product is IONIX SUPREME. 

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