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ASHBACHER ANGUS   ...  Family Run Ranching Operation ! .........

ASHBACHER ANGUS is a family run operation consisting of Darrel and Wendy, and their children Zane, Kelly, Clint, Echo and Erin.

LIVING IN A LAND OF EXTREMES, Ashbacher Angus selects cattle that offer predicable, efficient genetics, critical in maintaing our bottom line  ...  For 30 years Ashbacher Angus has been striving to produce efficiency through structurally sound, very maternal, unpampered no nonsense cattle .

WITH THE QUIET DISPOSITIONS, low maintenance, and moderate framed cattle, Ashbacher Angus produces, we believe our Red & Black Angus can bring quality improvements to your herd  ...  Our operation is a forage based plan, low input cattle bred with maternal strengths in mind  ...  Our cows need to calve on their own, raise the calf, and breed back within a 63 day period, all while dealing with the harshness of the Alberta landscape.

WE FOCUS ON MATERNAL TRAITS  that make Angus cows stand out above the rest  ...  Our cows have got to be low maintenace, easy keeping, well uddered and possessing a mild disposition  ...  If they don't have spring of rib and depth of body with an ease of fleshing ability, simple put "she won't be around here"  ...  We expect our cows to be low input, calving ease, and prolific  ...  to be able to breed back year after year, therefore having longevity, is a must.

OUR GOAL with the cow herd is to breed problem free cattle that adapt to a variety of environments and are able to raise a big sturdy calf for the fall.

TO READ MORE ABOUT OUR COWS, BULLS AND RANCHING OPERATIONS, we encourage you to open our website to see in full detail our farm/ranching commitments


that our whole family is included in our Angus Ranch Operation.

DARREL grew up on a family farm at Hoosier, Sask, where they run 350 commercial cows and 200 head of horses  ...  After school he left for Edmonton to NAIT for Surveying  ...  He then worked Legal Survey for 10 years.

WENDY came from the Foothills of the Rocky Mountains, at Millarville  ...  Her family ran 300 head of Hereford-Angus in a commercial herd  ...  She completed her studies and became a Laboratory and X_Ray Technician  ...  They are strong supporters of the local community, 4-H in Alberta.

CLINT is the second son and still resides on the farm with us  ...  Clint runs his own herd of Purebred Angus with us  ...  Along with his Black Cows in 1997 he bought his first Red Angus Cow and started the Red Angus division of Ashbacher Angus  ...  Clint's future lies with the farm and has purchased some land that adjoins ours  ...  Clint is currently working on his Welding apprenticeship.

ZANE is the oldest son and lives at Turner Valley with his wife Leana  ...  Zane works in the Seismic Industry during the winter and does Custom Fencing during the summer months, along with Competing in various Rodeo's across Alberta, Saskatchewan and Montana  ...  Leana is a Finance Manager for the Town of Turner Valley  ...  Zane owns some Purebred Black Cows that are run at Halkirk with our herd and comes home to help when he can.

KELLY is the oldest daughter and lives in Cochrane Alberta with her husband Lachlan Bell  ...  Lachlan is a Professional Reining Horse Trainer, assistant to Greg Lauder  ...  Kelly is a former Calgary Stampede Princess where she got to travel North American to numerous shows and junctions to promote "The Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth".

ECHO is the oldest of the twin girls  ...  She works in Stettler and is involved with the West Central 4-h Alumni and is currently studying her Graduate Jeweller Training.

ERIN is the youngest, also a twin  ...  She still stays involved with 4-H through the Calgary 4-H Alumni  ...  After completing her Undergraduate Degree she plans to continue her education into Medical School, wanting to become a Rural Doctor. (livestock)

  CALL ASHBACHER ANGUS 403-884-2181 or 403-860-6192 

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